Come Along For The Ride

Sisters we are and there is no denying it. Creative DNA runs deep and was handed down to us from both of our parents. Mom’s desire to create a beautiful home on a small budget and Dad’s determination to learn to remodel, build new, or refurbish gave us the spunk to know we could tackle just about anything.


Mary Lou aka Miss Fancy Paints has recently fulfilled a longtime dream. Jumping in with both feet; she’s proprietor of a charming shoppe Miss Fancy Paints located in Ankeny, Iowa, specializing in paint for sale and commissioned custom furniture transformations. Shop for paint products and tools, furniture old and new, artwork, home decor ideas and/or help but be warned you may just get bitten by the DIY bug.

I’m Joanie the older. You name it, I’ve done it and trust me, that is true. Life has taken me in many directions and currently has me retired from my Interior Design business, living in Kansas City and a desire to create through sharing.

Frequent chats with others lead to the same proclamation, “I’m not creative”. Thus, this blog. We are planting seeds to nurture with encouragement that will embolden our readers to give it a go.

Collaborating to share our passions and talents is a no brainer. Together we wish to share our world of makeovers with all of you and that my friends, is the icing on the cake. Our journey is into uncharted territory and we invite you to come along for the ride. No telling where it will take us but I know for sure, it will be a blast.